Chiropractic Patients Are Saying…

Dear Dr. Caldwell, I am so grateful for the relief you have given me  Both of my parents found relief this way, which prompted me to try it, and now I am a believer too.

I suffered from an neck pain and hand numbness. Every night when my head hit the pillow, I became felt the pain. It was hard to sleep. Eventually, I was taking three prescription drugs a night. I now have been off all medication for over 3 months and am doing great.

I hope you can help others the way you helped me.”
— Lisa O, Union, NJ

Dr. Caldwell, as a 20 year old Tennis Pro, I was referred to your office by my health club. For the past four years I have been experiencing lower back pains – not allowing me full mobility. I used medication to relieve the pains but the results were only temporary.

Today I am happy to report that through your treatments, the pains in my back are gone, and my mobility is completely restored. I’m now able to resume my pro-tennis tournament activities.
— Billy D, Clifton, NJ

I had received a call from Dr. Caldwell regarding my son. He had treated him rotator cuff injury which he had fixed a few weeks earlier  he knew my son and was trying out for the varsity baseball team in a week  and call just to see if he made the team   I really didn’t know what to expect. I made an appointment and was so surprised to find the office was very clean and Dr. Caldwellb was very pleasant and understanding. He told me that regular treatments would help the shoulder. And gave me thing for my son to do at home to speed recovery .recommended to him  my other family members that they should seek the help of Dr. Caldwell. I think everyone should get checked, because it really works.
— Beverly W, Springfield, NJ

“I decided to try the health care treatment after hearing about its benefits that a friend had told me about Dr. Caldwell. I had been suffering from lower back pain and pain between my shoulders for over seven years. Previously my only means of relief was from heat treatments, which provided me temporary comfort.

Since I started care with Dr. Caldwell, I have felt a dramatic improvement in my lower back and shoulder pains. I have since recommended your services to many of my friends. I just wouldn’t live without it.”
— Barry O, Cranford, NJ

I’m a believer! when it comes to Dr. Caldwell. My first experience with him was prompted by my husband who was being treated for a back ailment. He suffered for 10 days with a “pinched” nerve in his back before finally deciding to consult with Dr. Caldwell.

Early treatment for my husband was to relieve symptoms of pain. We both attended our monthly seminars. At one of the seminars it was suggested that I start treatment also, because my shoulders were crooked, probably due to an auto accident 3 years ago.

My husband encourage me to continue with treatment because he was concerned about migraine headaches I was having. I’ve now only had one migraine headache since my first treatment and it only lasted 5 minute.

Today we are both doing well and I am amazed and pleased. As far as my headaches are concerned, they are non-existent and if I should get one I’ll know where to go to get rid of it!”
— Patricia N, Mountianside

I am pain free. Seeing Dr. Caldwell was one of the smartest appointments I have ever made! Thank you for all your expertise and your kindness. Thank you for not giving up on me.”
— Sue Y.

“I had very bad lower back pain, which made both my job and caring for my child extremely difficult. I could barely walk upright when I finally relented and came in. Now, I wake up without pain 9 out of 10 mornings for the first time in two years!”
— Katie H.

I have a stressful job and stand at work for up to 10 hours every day. I constantly had a stiff neck and headaches that were making me unproductive at work. If I hadn’t lived the benefits of chiropractic care, I don’t know where I’d be. I no longer get headaches, am more productive in my work, and have improved my posture.”
— Donna H.

The results I have experienced are wonderful. The pain has just not eased, but is almost obliterated. The care I have received at Caldwell Chiropractic has improved my physical health and overall sports performance.”
— Kathy D.

I was suffering from chronic headaches and would get them 3-4 times a week. I have not experienced a headache since being seen by Dr. Caldwell. I have felt great with excellent overall health”
— Linda S.

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