Our Training

All doctors of chiropractic must complete a rigorous and detailed education. After completing the necessary pre-med coursework, they begin a four-year program at an accredited college of chiropractic. The chiropractic curriculum includes detailed studies of: anatomy, physiology, X-ray, clinical sciences, spinal biomechanics and adjusting, preventative health care, and many other related topics. By the time of graduation, the average doctor of chiropractic has completed 4,485 classroom hours, compared to 4,248 classroom hours completed by a medical doctor.

Training Comparison: Chiropractic School vs. Medical School

Comparison of Mean Hours of
Study Required

Chiropractic School Mean Hours

Medical School Mean Hours

Anatomy 570 386
Biochemistry 150 120
Microbiology 120 120
Public Health 70 289
Physiology 305 142
Pathology 205 162
Clinical Sciences 3,406 3,467
Total Hours 4,826 4,667

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